October 10th, 2012

1) Often there comes a time of day when the teenage hooligans pop by to taunt me through the window.  Most of the show involves them seeing themselves reflected in the glass of the cabinet opposite the window and henceforth engaging in all manner of threat displays to those unknown baboons that are clearly inside my house.  But if I move at all, they eventually see me and start bouncing onto my window sill and bobbing their heads at me, because they are hot, hot shit.

2) I decided I needed to follow Hoza this morning.  From afar I saw a male and female dart through camp and thought, “Hey, that might be Hoza!”  Of course, when I reached them, though, the female of the pair was interred in a trash hole some 15 feet down and her beloved, Mapua, was gazing longingly down at her.  Jessica and I stood by for several minutes hoping the mystery lady would climb out.  She did not.  Luckily, Hamimu arrived and told me he’d seen Hoza running around with Mapua earlier that morning, and it was only a matter of time before she finally climbed out, smeared with something nasty, ready to receive her lover.

3) Threat yawns are very in season these days.  Even the babies are doing them.